About Us

dogEwes d’Bleu is excited to be bringing you some of the finest hand knitting and crocheting yarns available today!

At Ewes d’Bleu, we believe that knitting should be FUN; something that you derive a great deal of pleasure and accomplishment from. It is our goal to provide you with the tools and the knowledge you need to make your knitting experience one that you will want to share — not hide!

Our shoppes are a bit different from the mainstream. We strive to feature natural fibers that are hand dyed by folks who are experts at what they do. Many of our yarns are custom dyed just for the Ewes!

We also believe very strongly in aligning ourselves with folks who believe as we do; that giving back to our community and the world community of families is essential to the well-being and balance of each of our lives. Thus, you will find that many of our products provide jobs at fair wages for women and families throughout the world.


I look forward to working with you and remind you to begin every day with a smile and a dance because you can-can!

Helen Graziano
Owner — Chief EWE
Ewes d’Bleu Yarns of Distinction, Inc.

Inside the Christ Episcopal Church

3445 Warrensville Center Road

Shaker Heights, OH  44122

Tuesday, Friday, Sunday 12-4

Wednesday 12-6